Good News with Doppler Dave: Boys Ranch 2nd grader recognized for his passion of art and weather

Good News with Doppler Dave: Boys Ranch 2nd grader recognized for his passion of art and weather

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Career choices for many adults can often be traced back to strong interests that person may have had at an early age.

With that in mind, we should expect to welcome an upcoming talented artist as we see in this week’s edition of “Good News With Doppler Dave".

Today I met Casey, a young man who, like myself at his age, is fascinated by weather.

But unlike myself, Casey is very artistic and recently won 2nd place in a Severe Weather Post Contest hosted by the National Weather Service.

Casey is a 2nd grader at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and may have the exact support system he needs to help him pursue his dreams in the future.

“Are you already thinking about the future? What do you want to do?” I asked.

“I want to be an artist,” answered Casey.

It didn't take long for Casey's teacher to notice his artistic ability and find ways to help him to develop his skills.

“I don’t even think Casey knew he was that artistic. He started drawing and then it would be if I needed something drawn. I would say, ‘Casey you would go ahead and do this edge of the poster or this edge of this,’ and then he would. It was every free minute he had,” said Donna Craig, Casey’s 2nd grade teacher at Boys Ranch.

“We do a lot of hands on learning in our class so right now were doing some science stuff and so the way he wants to show that his plant is growing, he instead of writing it out, he wants to draw the stages as it grows,” said Donna.

The targeted education plan for Casey exemplifies the general mission of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch to grow and develop young people. Laying a positive foundation in which future plans can be launched that enable them to become successful adults.

“If Casey has an interest in something, like science or nature, then we will create opportunities. We can look at his specific interests and say, ‘Hey, let’s tie into a program that has to do with science or his natural environments,’” said Director of Experiential Learning Keely Miller.

“And the next year when he goes into the 3rd grade, our community is so strong and so loving that they are already know Casey and they are just gonna grab him and put their arm around him, and just keep on propelling him in that direction,” said Donna.

Now, after identifying Casey’s artistic abilities and desire, the attention and loving support he is getting here at Boys Ranch makes the canvas of his future look pretty bright. Now that’s some good news.

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