City of Amarillo seeking property and business owners for Mural Grant Program


AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - If you’re a business or property owner in Amarillo, the city and the Beautification and Public Arts Advisory Board are encouraging you to apply for the Mural Grant Program, to bring more public art to the city.

The city is offering a financial incentive to those who are interested.

“A business comes along and they want to do a mural, after they work with an artist to create that mural,” said Jason Boyett, Chair of the Beautification and Public Arts Advisory Board. “Let’s say it’s a $3,000 project. The city can then contribute another $1,500 toward that cost, so 50 cents for every dollar that is spent.”

The grant program has $30,000 to divide within the four quadrants of the city, as well as the downtown central business district.

To apply, the board asks business owners to use a local artist and have an idea of what the mural would look like.

“I drive around the city and I see a lot of great walls that look like perfect places for murals, but we don’t have anything on our radar,” said Boyett. “There’s a lot of businesses that maybe would look better with a big bright mural. It increases foot traffic and people are more likely to take a photo in front of it."

The one mural backed by the city so far is the one at Amarillo’s airport and the response has been positive.

“It’s eye-catching and it’s asking for someone to be photographed in front of,” said Boyett. “We’d love to see that all of over the city.”

While not related to this specific program, a mural in the Barrio is in the works for July.

“This piece of art that we become known for, people travel to see it, have their picture made under it and stop and shop and invest in the Barrio neighborhood,” said Ginger Nelson, Mayor of Amarillo.

If you’re a business or property owner interested in applying for the mural grant program, you can visit the application here, or email

Applications are due Friday, May 10.

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