WTAMU instructor teaches personal finance to Canyon High School students

Through the Junior Achievement Program

WTAMU instructor teaches personal finance to Canyon High School students

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - Students at Canyon High School completed a personal finance course taught by West Texas A&M Accounting Instructor Lisa Lightfoot, through the Junior Achievement Program.

I had a wonderful conversation with WTAMU Instructor Lisa Lightfoot. She explained the importance of high school students learning about personal finance. Find out more tonight!

Posted by Melissa Gaglione KFDA on Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Junior Achievement Program trained Lightfoot, and supplied the curriculum and resources, which breaks down personal finance for young adults.

“They are about to go out in the real world and need these real-life skills,” said the Teresa Hillman, the executive director for the Junior Achievement Program.

For five weeks, students learned about credit cards, how to set a budget and the importance of saving for retirement at a young age.

“She told us that if we first call and say ‘Hey, I don’t think I can pay this,’ they can try and work with us and keep us where we should," said CHS senior Stella Alexander. "And she told us that even when we are hungry in college that we probably shouldn’t order that pizza with our credit card because it can be $10 now but $30 down the road or much more.”

Lightfoot believes that it is important for young adults to understand why saving now will help their financial situation later.

“I think they learned a lot when we talked about credit cards and the way they can get themselves into such a bind and they are at the age where they are getting tons of credit card offers every day in the mail," said Lightfoot. "And to teach them that, you know, go ahead and make those small sacrifices now. It will make a huge impact late on in their life. It will give them more financial security, more financial stability.”

Lightfoot plans to continue to volunteer through the Junior Achievement Program and teach students about controlling their finances.

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