Amarillo exploring options for Martin Road Lake

Amarillo exploring options for Martin Road Lake

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - New plans are in the works for one of Amarillo’s lakes and the city will be turning to residents for input.

Amarillo's City Council awarded almost half a million dollars in funding to an engineering company to develop a design for the Martin Road Lake project.

The city says it will be starting from scratch, after a previous project didn’t turn out as planned.

“There was a project that happened before and it didn’t finish well,” said Kyle Schniederjan, Director of Capital Projects for the City of Amarillo. “We left that neighborhood with doubts in our abilities to finish the project and to make something that’s usable and an amenity for the neighborhood.”

Creating an analysis of the lake, located on Amarillo’s northeast side, will allow the city to better understand what it provides to residents.

“Number one it does provide drainage service and is a drainage amenity,” said Schniederjan. “It is also just part of the community,it’s also a park, it could be a fishing amenity, it could be a place to take a walk, outside of busy city streets.”

Members of city council say residents have expressed desires for the lake to become the recreational hub it once was.

They hope this study will allow them to get a good idea of how to do so, safely.

“That east side is just purely drainage, that’s the part that would be fenced to provide safety, but it’s the body of water on the West where there used to be fishing and activities,” said Elaine Hays, Amarillo City Councilmember Place 1.

“If we’re looking to make a public improvement and an amenity to the community, we have to do it safely. That’s a primary focus,” said Schniederjan.

The project design is expected to be completed around October.

From there, the city will put the project out to bid and work on securing capital funding.

“The first to second quarter of next year, we should be turning some dirt and doing some actual construction,” said Schniederjan.

The city says it plans to have public meetings with residents in the future about what they’re looking for at Martin Road Lake.

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