Via Airlines temporarily suspending flights to and from Amarillo

Via Airlines temporarily suspending flights to and from Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The newest airline to fly in and out of Amarillo’s airport is temporarily suspending all of its operations.

Via Airlines began operating its non-stop service to and from Austin this past September.

The airline says it is temporarily suspending operations at Rick Husband until Thursday, May 23.

In a statement, the airline says this is due to a pilot shortage across the country.

The airline says it is “being proactive in suspending the route in the short term” so its passengers have enough time to make alternate travel arrangements as it recruits and trains pilots to fill this gap.

Any passengers who have booked and paid for tickets on this flight service will be notified of the temporary suspension and have the option to receive a full refund.

Via Airlines isn’t the only airline to fly to Austin from Amarillo.

Southwest Airlines began offering that flight this month.

Southwest’s flight allows passengers to stay on the plane at Dallas Love Field as others board and then heads to Austin.

In a statement, Southwest says it plans to continue to offer this route as long as it’s successful and there’s a demand for service.

American Airlines, who uses Envoy as its regional carrier to fly out of Amarillo, says its work group is strong and is “hiring experienced pilots to operate its routes.”

The airline says it’s working with universities and flight schools to make sure it has a “healthy pipeline of new pilots” for the foreseeable future.

United Airlines says it has not seen an impact of a pilot shortage at Rick Husband.

Via Airlines says it regrets the inconvenience of this suspension, but believes this is the best course of action for Amarillo passengers in the short term.

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