Lemonade Day to teach area youth about entrepreneurship

Lemonade Day to teach area youth about entrepreneurship

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - More than one million children are impacted each year by a successful program that started here in Texas.

Lemonade Day 2019 is almost here! This is a day that teaches youth in the community how to start, own, and operate their very own business.

The Lemonade Day mission is to inspire youth to learn the necessary steps to start up their very own small business.

“This is a comprehensive program where kids can actually experience what it’s like to go into business. You can take marketing classes, you can take management classes, accounting classes, all these different things, here is one where the kids have to learn how to put together a budget, they learn how expenses work," says Happy State Bank CEO J. Pat Hickman. "Something this simple can teach them life lessons that can help them grow to be young business people. It is a phenomenal program to teach kids how to do it.”

On Lemonade Day, the average amount a kid makes is $200 and while some enjoy the extra cash for themselves, others have different plans.

“I know a little girl whose father helped build a lemonade stand and made several hundred dollars. The neat thing about her little project was that she decided she was going to donate the money that she made to one of the hospitals to purchase toys for children who are in the hospital," says Denise Blanchard, Program Director for Community Partnership. “Sometimes it’s not all about making money for yourself, its about being selfless and giving to somebody else from your profits,”

A 4th grader from Belmar Elementary came up with an idea to build a lemonade stand that will be created to look like a dog house and his proceeds will go to Amarillo’s animal shelter.

4th grader Maddox Villegas says, “We just thought it was nice to help animals for adoptions, because animals in the pound and animal shelters are very lonely without owners. I thought it would just be very nice to help them.”

Lessons kids learn through Lemonade Day can lead to future success not only for themselves but for Amarillo.

"So, about half of the businesses that we have here in Amarillo tend to be small businesses. So, it’s vitally important for our local economy.

Lemonade Day helps give kids as young as 6-years-old the opportunity to learn skills to help them succeed.

“Jobs are created by small business and this is some of the basic training that we can see the benefits 15 years from now on how this can help Amarillo, Texas and the surrounding area grow, because lessons these kids learn today. I’m an entrepreneur and it was through a lot of activities that I did as a kid, as a Boy Scout in particular, that taught me a lot of the entrepreneurial things I know today,” says Hickman.

Amarillo Lemonade Day is May 4th and If you haven’t registered yet, you still have time.

You can register for Lemonade Day online here.

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