Hodgetown bringing more than just baseball to Amarillo

Hodgetown bringing more than just baseball to Amarillo

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When voters approved the multi-purpose event venue (MPEV), the vision was to bring more than just baseball to the residents of Amarillo.

“We’re working on the multi purposes, which especially includes things like concerts,” said Dan Quandt, Senior Vice President of the Amarillo Convention and Visitor Council. “Just sit there and imagine not only having the stands full, but some of the seating right down on the field, so we can have a concert. Center field would probably be where the entertainment would be. The field can handle a lot. It’s set to handle a lot. We’re only limited by our own creativity.”

The first non-baseball event happening at Hodgetown is a worship service on Easter Sunday, thirteen days after the Sod Poodles Home opener.

“I want to invite you and your family to join us for a special community Easter service on April 21 at 10 a.m. We’re going to gather at the brand new ball park downtown. We’re going to have a wonderful time as we consider who Jesus is and what he’s done for us,” said Dr. Andrew Hébert, the Lead Pastor at Paramount Baptist Church.

On April 23, Hodgetown will host the opening event for the West Texas County Judges and Commissioners Association Conference.

“It’s being hosted by our Potter County Commissioners. This one is important, because there’s no home game. We’re using it anyway. We got the place rented. We’re going to use the concourse area, about 600 people," said Quandt.

As for what it costs to host an event at Hodgetown, those involved say it depends on what you’re looking to host.

“The different places, depending on what you want to do, and the size of the event and all of that. There’s no real set pricing, because it depends on what you want to do there,” said Quandt.

The Amarillo CVC says they are in the process of booking concerts and other events at Hodgetown and hopes residents will be excited for what is to come.

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