Facing failure to find success

Facing fear to find failure

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Kat Dooley’s road to overcoming obesity has become a motivation to people across the country to get up and face their fears.

“I quit understanding that failure was the worst thing in my life when it’s actually the best thing in everybody’s life,” said Kat Dooley.

Dooley’s journey to finding success in Strongman and body building competitions have been filled with failure after failure and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“The me now would go back to the one before and say fail sooner. If you’re going to do anything fail sooner because that way you’ll end up understanding where you need to go quicker.”, said Dooley.

After a nudge from her husband to join a gym, Kat has seen pound after pound shed away after making the commitment to face her fear of failure.

“When I first started I was about 215 or 220 and I think I wore about a size 18 or 20 pants. Then with endurance cycling, I was about 120 and then with strongman I got up to about 160,″ said Dooley. "I actually had skin removal surgery because I had extra skin with being overweight, so now in bodybuilding I’m about 137.”

She finished the Arnold Classic, ranked 7th in the world and placed first in the IPL Pro at the Olympia in Vegas.

“I always want to be able to be sure that I get to the point to where I’m always better than I was last time and there’s always going to be change regardless of what it is and when it happens,” said Dooley. “If it’s a competition or every day in the gym but when I compete I always try my hardest to be the best I was in training because if I’ve gotten six reps in training then I’m going to go for 20 in the competition.”

Kat’s advice to anyone hesitant to start their weight loss journey is to first love the skin you’re in.

“I mean you already look good. You’re already a beautiful person regardless of what size you are, what size you’re not, and what size you want to be. You already look good and if you can’t understand that then it’s not going to work whenever you want it to change but you’ve got to have an objective," said Dooley. "You have to have a goal and the best goal is to honestly dive head first in. Diving head first in and just competing in something you thought you wanted to but never could. Just do it.”

Dooley will compete in the Europa bodybuilding competition in Dallas this June.

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