Crews fix damages from Wednesday’s high wind event

Crews fix damages from Wednesday’s high wind event

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Wednesday’s high wind event caused some crews to clean up, reevaluate and fix the projects damaged from the winds.

“The wind has definitely been challenging for many of our contractors, not only just residential, I am sure at the commercial level as well, ” said Kenzee Cann, Interim Executive Officer at the Texas Panhandle Builders Association.

On I-40 and Western Street, near Tascosa High School, the wooden frame collapsed from winds that reached 63 miles per hour in Amarillo.

“The framer is not responsible for what happened. I mean, that’s out of everyone’s control, so that really does stink. But most of the time, the builder risk policy, they are supposed to have it. That will cover anything like that,” said Cann.

The Pak-A-Sak convenience store on Bell Street wooden frames collapsed from the historic wind storm back in March.

Although Wednesday’s wind gusts were not as strong as the ones from March’s wind event, it still prevented some crews from working.

“It is a really sad situation, but they are resilient, and they really do just want to get it done as quickly as possible but the right way as well,” said Cann.

As for residential damages, some insurance agents say the wind didn't affect many of their clients.

“This one I haven’t received any claims about, the winds weren’t near as bad or didn’t last as long as the length of time or as powerful as before," said State Farm Insurance Agent Russ Glaze.

Glaze says to call your agent, friends or family for references if your home experienced damages from Wednesday’s wind event.

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