Amarillo Globe News building for sale

Amarillo Globe News building for sale

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The iconic Amarillo Globe News building is officially up for sale.

As Amarillo’s downtown has seen a boom in development, there’s now a new opportunity for someone to restore the Globe News building.

The 84 thousand square foot Amarillo Globe News Building has been put up for sale for $2.2 million.

“First of all this is a good time, downtown Amarillo is redeveloping, it’s in a good location, it’s actually two buildings, there’s multiple opportunities with this," says Historical Preservation Foundation Board Member Wes Reeves. "This particular building is commonly known as mid-century modern and it’s becoming a real popular retro kind of style. A lot of buildings you see being built kind of mimic this style of building. So, I think this one has a lot of opportunity for redevelopments.”

The paper built the headquarters in 1949, won a Pulitzer Prize in 1961 and then added another building next door in 1966.

With several thousand people working here throughout the years, many have an emotional attachment to the building.

“I was here when I was just six years old. It goes way back. Working here was kind of like a lifestyle, it was 24/7. It was a very tight family, it was interesting because there were a lot of generations working here. When the newspaper moved out there was a sadness, but then when they put the building up and it became more final it really hit home,” says former Globe News Reporter and Editor Kevin Welch.

What was once a hub for the community now stands empty ready for the next generation.

“These types of redevelopments are more successful because people know what this building is. They either worked there, or there dad, uncle or someone they know worked there," Reeves believes.

With the stories associated with the building, Reeves says they would like any buyer to preserve some of the physical surroundings and realtor Collin McCartt they could get a tax credit by doing so.

Globe News Listing Agent Collin Mccart says, “This building is capable of getting some historical tax credits, so if you go that route, you will have to keep it up some historical level as it was in the past.”

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