WTAMU Student Success Initiative gives 100 students new iPads

Today 100 students at WTAMU received a new iPad Pro as part of the Student Success Initiative.

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - On Tuesday, 100 students at West Texas A&M University received a new iPad Pro as part of the Student Success Initiative.

The university hopes to enhance student engagement and learning by incorporating the iPads in communication courses.

“We have looked at the communications group, we’ve looked at the student government group and some other groups that we are looking at now," said Mike Young, Manager at WTAMU IT Success Center. "How can we take a group and what they do in the classroom and enhance what they do by assigning them an iPad and working with their instructors, working with the students?”

Once the students and faculty received an iPad, they attended an iPad training with an Apple representative who showed the class how specific apps can be utilized in their major.

“Especially my degree as a communications degree, it will allow me to edit photos, multitask, send emails," said communications major Hadley White. "It is just a more efficient way to do everything as a student.”

The university is considering extending the program to other majors if it is successful over the semester.

“We’ve got a plan to work with the athletes in some different sports. There are some apps that the coaches feel like could really enhance their experience and help them do things with their players that could really help,” said Young.

The university has not decided if the iPads will be returned by the end of the semester or by the end of the student’s education.

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