Good News with Doppler Dave: First graders know a thing or two about good news

Good News with Doppler Dave: First graders know a thing or two about good news

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - For a long time, I have been reporting good news and what I think is good news, but our perception of what makes news good may be contingent on where we are in life. Today I sought the vantage point of the younger generation - and I’m talking young. Anytime you want to brighten your day just spend time with some enthusiastic first graders as I did today to find out their take on good news.

I asked a group of first grade students from Rolling Hills Elementary: “What if the ice cream truck is coming but, he is only going to bring broccoli today. Would that be good news?” The response was less than favorable.

As you might expect, for kids at this age the idea of good news often involves having fun.

One student’s idea of good news was, “Actually going to Cinergy and going to Chuck E. Cheese at one time.”

“Spring is really good,” a child added, and another chimed in saying, “Strawberries are growing, they are turning really red.”

“The most awesomest news? That all ice creams are free forever,” a youngster clarified.

But what stood out to me was just how often their notion of good news involved helping others.

“When I heard good news is yesterday when I heard my sister was having a birthday and she just turned one-years-old and I was so happy,” said one student.

Another said, “My dad’s mom is out of the hospital.”

Other good news ideas included, “Well I help my aunt do the dishes and help her clean, but I don’t like to help my mom.”

Children just seem to innocently gravitate to the idea of good news and the effect it has on others.

“I like to make people feel good a lot,” one student declared, “and I would say to someone that you can do anything if you believe in yourself.”

“It’s really nice to see good stuff instead of bad stuff,” one student declared.

Advice from another child included, "Enjoying what you have, really enjoying what you have and respecting others."

A final message from another first grader is this: “I love you all and I am glad you are all here to watch.”

Now according to the young crew, there is plenty of good news out there and it may be simple but it usually comes in the form of making other people happy and appreciating what you have. Maybe we can all learn from that; it’s certainly good news!

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