Ortegon ready to join the Nebraska Cornhuskers

Ortegon ready to join the Nebraska Cornhuskers

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Johnathan “Speedy" Ortegon will go down in Randall High history as one of the best to step foot on the mat.

“He’s a student of the game. He wants to get better and he does do that and he brings an attitude and charisma. He’s magnetic, he brings the kids together,” said Head Coach David Quirino.

Ortegon’s drive to be the best is taking him to the midwest to join the Nebraska Cornhuskers wrestling team.

“I feel like I’ve gotten the best that I can here. I’m excited to see my full potential when I get around Jordan Burroughs, James Green and all of these top wrestling athletes,” said Ortegon. “I’m excited because I know I haven’t reached my full potential. I thought I was the best I can be but after this year I realized I have not reached my full potential.”

Randall brought home the 5A state title this season and it’s one Ortegon says he’ll never forget.

“I remember on the way to state, Coach Q says something like, ‘No matter the outcome we still have a beautiful life to live,’” said Ortegon. "That for me eased all of the pressure and stress a little bit and it made me realize that I’m blessed to be where I am today. I’m blessed to wrestle, and just go out there and have fun.”

Signing to compete in The Big Ten has motivated the underclassmen to follow in his footsteps.

“Our sophomore class is big and that’s a really big reason we were successful. It’s a really big sophomore and freshman class. We’re young. They saw what his success has brought him and they know that it’s within their grasp,” said Coach Quirino. “They’re only separated by mere inches because they were here in the same system with Speedy. They know they are capable of doing the same thing if they listen, believe, and apply what we’re implementing here. I think they’re going to have the opportunity as well.”

“That makes me happy because I see that it’s impacting their lives. They see that their teammate is going to make it big so that makes them believe in themselves even more than they did,” said Ortegon. "That makes me proud as a leader, a brother, and a teammate because I feel like I’ve impacted their lives in that manner and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Ortegon will leave to join his teammates in Nebraska to continue his great career on the next level.

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