Progress made on historic WTAMU white buffalo statue

Progress made on historic WTAMU white buffalo statue

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A piece of history in Canyon will soon be making its way to the new West Texas A&M football stadium.

The white buffalo statue is a landmark for many West Texas A&M fans. It was moved from its original post in February for cleaning and painting.

The buffalo has been stationed in front of Kimbrough Memorial stadium since 1968, and is in transition-right now getting about 50 layers of paint taken off.

The buffalo originally weighed 1,800 pounds, and has now shed 100 of those pounds after the first week of restoration.

King Hill, whose father was the artist of the white buffalo, says it’s a staple landmark, and he’s glad to see it being traditionally carried over.

The newly restored statue will be displayed in front of the new Buffalo Stadium before the first WT football game this fall.

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