Friday’s rainfall brings both positive and negative effects to the Panhandle

Friday’s rainfall brings both positive and negative effects to the Panhandle
Today’s rainfall has both positive and negative effects in the Panhandle. (SOURCE: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Although Friday’s rainfall will be a blessing to some, the moisture also brings some negative effects to homeowners in the Panhandle.

The rain will help the abnormally dry counties in the southern Panhandle and according to the drought monitor, southern counties could use the additional moisture.

“We might recall that a couple of years ago the whole Panhandle area was in severe, extreme or exceptional drought,” said NewsChannel 10′s Chief Meteorologist “Doppler” Dave Oliver. “And this year with the rains that have been coming a little more frequently, we really only have a small area kind of in a dry situation but boy, compared to years past we are in really, really good shape.”

Friday’s rainfall could set a firm foundation for agriculture in the Panhandle.

Texas A&M AgriLife Research Agronomist Dr. Jourdan Bell explained why the rain is crucial at this moment.

“Right now across much of the region, our wheat is anywhere from a late vegetation stage to an early reproduction stage and what that is is actually where the developing wheat plant is developing that head where the grain is produced" said Dr. Bell.

Dr. Bell explained as we transition into this phase, producers can determine how many seeds per head.

“Rainfall at this time will help enhance the number of seeds per head and consequently the yield potential,” said Dr. Bell.

Although the rain is good news for producers, the rain comes at an inconvenient time for those repairing their homes from last weeks historic wind storm.

Because of the storms, homeowners are using temporary relief to avoid leakage or further damages to their homes.

"Right now it is kind of putting everyone in a tough situation because of the rain being with all the temporary repairs we are having to do," said Vice President of Andrus Brothers Roofing Jud Hightower. "What we are doing is, we aren't doing any roofs right now, we are sending our guys out to try to help people, get them watertight. We are expecting more rain. Just trying to help out as many people as we can right now."

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