Police to reopen investigation into the Atlanta child murders case

Unsolved child murders haunting Atlanta to be re-examined

ATLANTA (CNN) - Police plan to reopen several decades-old child murder cases in Atlanta.

The cases happened over a two-year period starting in 1979.

The city’s police chief announced Thursday that they plan to re-test evidence in the hopes that they can bring closure to the families of some of the victims.

“The Atlanta Police Department has reached out to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. What we’ve asked, and that’s our state laboratory, is that they look at the evidence that was handed over to them 40 some years ago and they see whether any of it qualifies for further analysis, given the new advances in science. And what we are asking of them, that they report back to us what they have that could potentially be tested," said Chief Erika Shields with the Atlanta Police Department.

From 1979 to 1981- at least 25 young black men and children were killed in the city.

Several adults were also murdered around the same time.

Wayne Williams was convicted in the deaths of two adults in 1981.

Police say he may also be responsible for the deaths of at least 22 young men, but he has never been tried for those cases.

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