No time off for Amarillo’s Jeff Williams

Williams led the Lady Sandies to a state title and went straight to the diamond days later

No days off for Amarillo's Coach Williams

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Coach Jeff Williams led the Amarillo Lady Sandies to a second straight 5A state championship on a Saturday and two days later he was out on the diamond with the Sandies baseball team.

“I tell you what I started off coaching for a guy named Jack Wilson in Dumas, a very famous coach," said Williams. "His philosophy was as soon as he was done, he was into his next sport.”

It’s a philosophy he lives by and continues to do whatever it takes to keep tradition alive.

“I learned through guys like him and Ruth Ann Vessels that were there and kind of mentored me. You go from one season to the next and you love coaching," said Coach Williams. "Everybody would like a little time off but why not be back around the kids and that’s my philosophy. I want to get right back in it, dive in and help out the program.”

Even just games away from another state championship, he still found time to coach up his son Brett.

“It’s interesting you know because the game changer is Stacy’s at the game. She’s videoing Brett’s at bats. Good at bats, bad at bats and if we just had a good workout or maybe shoot around and then she sends me a video of Brett striking out," said Coach Williams. "I’m in a good mood and in an instant I’m like come on. Then, I’m texting him like 'stay back, see the baseball”.

For Brett, having your dad as your coach can be tough from time to time.

“Yes, because we’re the same person and we argue a lot but he knows everything so I should probably just listen.”, said Brett.

This season the father son duo will cherish every moment they have together.

“It’s awfully rewarding to be able to be out here on the diamond with Brett and the rest of the guys. A lot of these guys I’ve coached at different times when they were younger," said Coach Williams. "So it’s a bittersweet moment but something we relish and we really enjoy.”

Brett is headed to play baseball at WT after graduation and knows he will have his favorite coach who knows him best helping along the way.

“I just wanted my dad to be able to be there at all of my games,” said Brett. “He’s my best coach. He knows everything that I do wrong so that way he can always tell me what I’m doing wrong.”

The Amarillo Sandies will look to make another deep post season push after a successful year last season.

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