Complaint filed to TEA against AISD board member surrounding resignation of Coach Clements

Source: Amarillo ISD
Source: Amarillo ISD(Amarillo ISD)
Updated: Mar. 21, 2019 at 4:23 PM CDT
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A formal complaint has been filed against an Amarillo ISD school board member surrounding the resignation of Amarillo High School’s volleyball coach.

The man who filed the complaint, Dr. Marc Henson, is a third generation Amarillo High School graduate. He describes the overall culture of the school as positive but says many are still upset over the resignation of former head volleyball coach Kori Clements.

“It’s known for having some parents who tend to mingle sometimes too much in the day-to-day actions and things that their children are involved in maybe to a degree that’s not healthy,” said Dr. Henson.

Clements announced her resignation after only one volleyball season, claiming political pressure and lack of support as her reasons for quitting.

Henson attended the school board open session on January 22, where many voiced their support for Clements. He also says he spoke with another board member one-on-one before filing the complaint to the Texas Education Agency.

“I want a district where my children are not going to have to be competing against other kids whose parents have some sort of power or privilege,” said Dr. Henson. “I want my kids to go through school in a normal fashion. I want their accomplishments to be their own, and I don’t want people to be mingling with what they’re doing or giving some outside influence. I want a district where there’s some civility.”

The complaint alleges Renee McCown, an AISD school board trustee, spoke with the former coach privately about her decisions, athletes and playing times on the volleyball team, specifically targeting her two daughters.

The complaint also states the administration let this behavior take place.

“If these accusations are completely accurate, and I do think there are some credible information that some of these things are, then I would like to see that school board member step down, or I would like to see some sort of reprimand from the TEA,” said Dr. Henson. “I’d like to see their involvement. I think people in this district would be happier. People would be able to have more belief and faith in our district if some things were to happen.”

NewsChannel 10 reached out to Amarillo ISD for a response to the complaint. They issued a statement, saying they are unaware of the complaint, but “in the event they receive a formal notification, they will review and respond to the governing agency or complainant appropriately.”

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Henson says he hopes the community will take their concerns to the ballot box.

“Vote May 4,” said Dr. Henson. “I want to see a lot of people turn out to vote. I think we need people to pay attention to who is on our school board. I think there’s some really good people running for the school board and I want to see that turnover. I think we need some fresh people and ideas in those seats, and I think people would feel much better going forward if we start anew, not only now but over the next few years.”

The Texas Education Agency responded to Dr. Henson saying it received the complaint.

NewsChannel 10 reached out to McCown and AISD School Board President Scott Flow for comment and have yet to hear back.

You can view the full complaint below:

The TEA sent Dr. Henson the following in response to his complaint:

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