A happy ending: dog reunited with owner 2 years later thanks to microchip

A happy ending: dog reunited with owner 2 years later thanks to microchip
Debbie Dormire reunites with her dog two years later (Source: kfda)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare is reminding the community about the importance of microchipping pets after a dog is reunited with its owner more than two years later.

Debbie Dormire’s said her family’s dog, Cash escaped from her backyard in October of 2016.

“We looked everywhere and went to the pound immediately,” said Dormire. “Then I called the chip registration, called in a missing, made posters and, for four or five months, I went to the dog pound every other day looking for him... just kind of gave up after that long you know.”

That’s until she received a call on Monday from two Amarillo animal control officers, saying they had found him.

“I was in shock, I mean that was amazing," she said. "They found him in East Ridge running around with a little white bull dog and thank goodness he had a chip.”

Dormire said he had the microchip because he was adopted from Amarillo’s animal shelter.

“We always preach here all the time don’t give up hope especially if your pet is microchipped,” said Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare Interim Director Christy Fischer. “That really is the only permanent identification source really for domesticated pets like dogs and cats.”

Fischer said stories like Cash’s are not that uncommon.

“It happens probably three to five times a year where we get one pet that has been missing for over a year where the pet has been missing and we are able to reunite them,” said Fischer.

It only costs $10 to microchip your pet at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare.

With that, comes free life-time registration. The only responsibility you have is keeping your contact information up to date.

And who knows, it could be the difference in whether you see your pet ever again.

“I’m happy he’s back and I want to thank the animal shelter and the officers who got him to me,” said Dormire. “They’re just awesome, really caring people.”

You can get your pet microchipped at Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare, located at 3501 South Osage Street.

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