Dimmitt business severely damaged during Tuesday night storm

Dimmitt business severely damaged during Tuesday night storm

DIMMITT, TX (KFDA) - Irrigation Pumps and Power Inc. is closed until further notice due to severe storm damage.

The retail store’s windows were blown out and their electrical system is destroyed. Shattered glass covered the floors and surround the building.

One of the owners discussed how shocked he was when he discovered the damage.

“It was a bit of a surprise," said Owner of IPPI Eric McElroy. "It was a rude awakening this morning when I got word of what happened here.”

The warehouse ceiling collapsed and the steel was torn off the sides.

“The east side of the building completely blew in. The door came in and part of the roof was torn apart and sheet metal scattered everywhere. Pretty much every structure we have has some sort of damage to it,” said McElroy.

With all the damage, McElroy relocated all supplies and hired security to watch the facility.

However, that wasn’t the only damage in Dimmitt.

A trailer and large equipment overturned and many trees were uprooted.

Due to the damage, the National Weather Service planned to investigate Dimmitt to determine if it was more than wind that damaged the city. However, the National Weather Service was unable to travel to Dimmitt today due to weather conditions.

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