How you can prepare for Wednesday’s high wind

How you can prepare for Wednesday’s high wind

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - As our First Alert Weather Team is forecasting, Wednesday will have the biggest wind event the area has seen in several years. We want you to be as prepared as possible ahead of that wind.

Larissa Groves and her husband are making repairs after a recent wind event displaced their hay bales, a neighbor’s carport and even their chicken coop over the weekend.

“What happened was, we had a line of fairly weak storms that came through,” said First Alert Meteorologist Allan Gwyn. “They were mainly wind producers, and there were a couple of severe storms south in the southern parts of our area, but as a thunderstorm collapses a lot of times it will put out a big rush of air called a straight line wind or a micro-burst. And that’s what happened I believe with the damage that occurred south of Canyon.”

Groves said her family wasn’t expecting winds to be that strong.

“The panic set in,” said Groves. “It was kind of ‘Go survey the property and see what else is gone, and collect chickens and make sure everybody was okay.’ Thankfully, we didn’t have any other property damage other than our roof, it looks like. But, we started noticing a lot of things were moved and taken way far away from their original places.”

Our First Alert Weather Team says tomorrow’s winds will be even greater than what the area saw last weekend.

“We’re going to see a ramp up throughout the day of these stronger winds, and they’ll start out 20 to 30 in the morning and throughout the day will ramp up to probably 30 to 50, gusting to 70,” said Gwyn. “Which is still very capable of taking out small buildings, car ports can be susceptible, trampolines, lawn furniture, stuff like that. And high profile or lightweight vehicles can really be affected by that kind of wind.”

Gwyn said severe weather season typically begins in our area around April, May and June, but it’s not uncommon to see early severe weather events.

As for this year’s severe weather season outlook, Gwyn said we could see an enhanced threat for severe weather.

“We are in an El Ninó, it’s kind of a weak one, but it is there,” he said. “An El Ninó typically enhances our threat for severe weather, or at least for heavy rains. So, with that in mind, we’re looking at an average or at least slightly above severe weather season.”

That’s why we want you to download the First Alert Weather App, so that your family gets the weather alerts first.

You should also talk with your family and develop a plan for severe weather.

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