2 dogs looking for new home after animal cruelty incident

2 dogs looking for new home after animal cruelty incident
Man arrested on three county of animal cruelty (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Two dogs in Amarillo are hoping for a second chance at a home after facing cruelty from their owner.

2 dogs looking for new home after animal cruelty incident

Around mid-January, 49-year-old Wayne Keith Sheard was evicted from his home for failure to pay rent.

By January 25th, Randall County deputies responded to a call from Sheard’s former landlord, saying he walked into the garage and found two malnourished dogs who approached him but found a third dog dead.

“The severity of this was they were confined to an area where they couldn’t get out,” said Randall County Deputy Beau Fletcher. “They couldn’t look for food [or] look for water and they were shut off to where they couldn’t [do anything] at all.”

After seeking medical attention for the dogs, Fletcher said he was able to locate the owners and question them.

Fletcher said, “The DA’s found there was enough evidence for three counts of animal cruelty, torture to non-livestock; [I] went back and executed the warrant after it was issued.”

Sheard was arrested on Friday, Feb. 22 for three counts of animal cruelty to non-livestock/or torture/or serious bodily injury. He could face up to two years in jail if convicted.

“It is heartbreaking, I can’t even imagine,” said City of Amarillo Interim Director of Animal Management and Welfare Christy Fischer. “To me, the only word that fits for something like this would be the word torture. Can you imagine, every single day, waiting for somebody to come give you food and water and it just never happens? You just get skinnier and skinnier and eventually, these two remaining dogs had to watch their friend pass away. I couldn’t even imagine how horrible that would be.”

Amarillo Animal Welfare nursed the dogs Lilly and Riley back to health and Fischer said they are now ready for adoption.

“The resiliency that these dogs have shown and the fact that they love people [shows] they wanna be with people at all times,” said Fischer. “They really are not harboring any ill will towards people, which is really an amazing thing and speaks truly to an animals ability to forgive and move on.”

If you would like to give Lilly and Riley a new home, you can contact the Amarillo Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on their Facebook page.

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