Good news with Doppler Dave: When blessings come to those who struggle

Good news with Doppler Dave: When blessings come to those who struggle

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - It can be disheartening to be aware of someone battling a serious obstacle in life, but it can be very uplifting when blessings come to those struggling--especially to humble individuals who would never ask for special treatment as we see in this week’s Good News With Doppler Dave.

I spent some time at the Palo Duro Creek Golf Course with Aaron Heisling, which is not unusual. You can find Aaron on the golf course almost everyday. Playing golf and daily exercise is very important for his health.

Aaron shared his story with me, saying, “I have cystic fibrosis and it affects your whole body. It affects your digestive system, your pancreas, but mainly your lungs. I take 12 breathing treatments per day, I probably take 40 pills a day and I have to do a lot of exercise to try and keep my lungs clear. Without golf and exercise, I might not be here. The reason that I started playing daily is because my lung function dropped to 32 percent. I have twin girls and a beautiful wife and my motivation was to be there for them.”

Being an avid golfer, Aaron uses a special phone app called Swing-U.

“Yeah, it’s a handicap tracker and it also tracks the distances of your shots. It will track the wind for you and it will predict the club for you to use,” Aaron explained.

When Aaron upgraded the app he became eligible for and won a random drawing for a set of golf balls.

In appreciation, Aaron sent an email to Swing-U, thanking them and briefly telling his story.

This is where the story shifts. When the management at Swing-U learned about Aaron’s story, they decided to send more than just golf balls. The balls would come with a new set of professional tour caliber golf clubs, worth thousands of dollars.

“It was amazing,” Aaron recalls. “I was so happy. I was coming back from the cystic fibrosis clinic in Dallas. When I came home I started taking my breathing treatments and I opened up my email and they said they wanted to buy me a new set of clubs. The clubs are nice! They let me pick out exactly what I wanted. They are top of the line clubs.”

Aaron is a hero to many because of his spirit and attitude as he fights cystic fibrosis, but is very thankful for the gift from Swing-U.

Aaron shared further saying, “These guys at Swing-U, I mean, it’s a humbling experience. There is a good group of people behind that team.”

Aaron has also noticed some improvement health-wise.

“Slowly, but surely, my lung function has come up,” he expressed. “Now, I am probably 45 to 50 percent. I have always tried to have a good outlook on life because I have known from the day I was born that I have a terminal illness. You have to look at live everyday and say I’m just thankful to be here.”

Don’t you just love to hear good news?

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