Recycling program planning to continue in Amarillo

A pilot program during the holiday collected 15,000 pounds of cardboard from residents

Recycling program planning to continue in Amarillo
A year-round recycling option for Amarillo residents is in the near future. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - When the City of Amarillo and KB Recycling kicked off its’ holiday recycling pilot program, those involved hoped it would set a footprint for the future of recycling in the city.

“It was a huge success. We had four drop sites available for all residents of Amarillo to use. We collected 15,000 pounds in under five weeks,” said Adam Schaer, General Manager of KB Recycling.

Recycling program planning to continue in Amarillo

“We were encouraged by that, we’re glad that residents are choosing to recycle,” said Blair Snow, Interim Superintendent of Solid Waste Department for the City of Amarillo. “That’s something we want to encourage. We’re looking at options to continue that program."

One of those options includes placing a minimum of five cardboard recycling locations throughout the city within the next few weeks.

“We will have locations out soon on where they’re going to be, some of the sites will stay the same,” said Schaer. “There will be some tweaks to the other locations that we feel will have a greater impact, for residents of Amarillo, and we’ll continue to grow. If you can see they’re full, please let us or the city know, so that way every one has the opportunity to use them as often as possible."

Schaer says recycling is the way of the future to have a sustainable life for generations to come.

“We don’t have unlimited places to be sticking garbage, we don’t have unlimited places to be throwing our waste, we have to recycle it, we have to make sure we’re maximizing all of our water, our oil, our trees, all of our natural resources,” said Schaer. “We can’t risk running out of our natural resources especially in Amarillo, where water is very important to us. It takes a lot of water to make paper.”

“It means for us less waste going into the landfill, less space that we have to use out there,” said Snow. “It’s also just good for the environment, so it’s great to see people interested in these programs.”

Those involved say if interest in recycling initiatives continues to be strong, they will work to explore more options in the future.

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