Hereford newspaper gets second chance after former employee purchases the publication

Hereford newspaper gets second chance after former employee purchases the publication
Hereford BRAND former employee agrees to purchase the Hereford BRAND/ (SOURCE: KFDA)

HEREFORD, TX (KFDA) - The Hereford BRAND is gaining new life after a former employee made the big decision to purchase the newspaper after it was said to close after 118 years.

The Hereford community is thankful that the BRAND .

The Hereford community was devastated when they found out their 118-year-old community newspaper would come to an end on February 2.

eBRAND: February 2, 2019

Posted by Hereford BRAND on Friday, February 1, 2019

The Hereford BRAND newspaper announced that its final publication would be on Wednesday, Feb. 6 due to the accumulation of a lack of advertisement sales, circulation and expansion of information technology.

However, new hope was found after the paper put out on Wednesday, Feb. 6 stated that a former employee agreed to purchase the Hereford BRAND and continue to publish the paper.”

“After hearing the news Saturday about the closing of the Hereford BRAND, a 118-year institution in Deaf Smith County, former BRAND Sports Editor Jeff Blackmon and wife Angela agreed to purchase the newspaper and will continue to publish the semi-weekly product,” wrote a staff reporter.

The agreement to keep the paper alive happened late Tuesday afternoon.

Blackmon said in Wednesday’s publication that, “A community losing its newspaper is a tragedy, and we are glad to step in to own it and operate it.”

Long-time BRAND subscribers were thrilled that their local paper would continue to inform and educate the community.

“We lived out on the farm and usually every Sunday we would come into town and go to church and get the newspaper,” said Hereford resident Pat Lindeman.

“Because the community needs this," said Hereford resident Elizabeth DeKuster Armstrong. "I think this is a uniting force for the city.”

Hereford resident Carolyn Hutchinson, who has been deaf since she was a child, reads the newspaper to stay informed.

Lin Rayburn, the Director at Hereford Senior Citizens, spoke for Hutchinson saying, “She’s the one that clips all the clipping, and she keeps a big scrapbook. And she was excited and happy because it is not going to change and we are still going to know what is going on in Hereford, and she still gets to clip the pictures out of the paper."

With new owners of the Hereford BRAND, the publication hopes to inform the community and keep their 118-year streak going.

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