Canadian celebrates the life of Thomas Brown

Canadian Celebrates Thomas Brown

CANADIAN, TX (KFDA) - Today, the community of Canadian gathered to commemorate the life of Thomas Brown, who went missing more than two years go.

Now that his body has been found in Hemphill County, a memorial service was held to honor him.

Family, friends and community members overflowed the Canadian High School Gym, all paying their respects to a son, classmate, and role model: Thomas Brown.

“We gather here because Thomas is home,” said Reverend Sydne Allen. “Not to the place we hoped for, not the way we wanted, but gone to the place where hope springs eternally."

Reverend Sydne Allen spread a message of faith to the community, assuring them God has a plan.

If one thing was made clear, it’s that everyone has a story about Thomas Brown.

“He loved making people laugh,” said Cory Campbell. “To entertain, to be creative. Halloween and dressing up was his favorite.”

“[He was] outgoing, oh he was a comedian,” said a former classmate of Thomas', Karis King. “He always knew how to make you laugh or how to make you feel better if you felt sad. He was just a really good friend to all, even if you barely knew him.”

“He helped me in school, he was just an uplifting person to me,” said another former classmate, Aaron Gilley. “When I was feeling sad, he would come around and tell me ‘Hey Aaron, you can do this just hold your head up and get the job done’.”

He may be gone, but his mother Penny Meek believes he’s still touching lives. She knows he’s in a better place.

“I think anybody who’s lost a child will tell you how hard it is to lose a child, but you know... I’ve said it before, we stand on faith.” said Meek. “And Thomas was faithful. We made church a priority and there’s no doubt in my mind where he is. And he’s just gone ahead of us and we’ll get there some day and we’ll see him again.”

While many may think this is closure for Tom’s family, Meek said she has more questions now than ever.

“I’ve had a lot of people say that this is closure and we are thankful that we’ve found Thomas,” she said. “A lot of families that have missing loved ones we know never find them, so we are thankful, we’re grateful for that. But it’s not really closure because it just [leads] to more questions.”

She said faith is what’s getting her family through this time of unknown, however she still feels like there’s someone in Canadian who does know what happened to her son.

“I’ve always felt someone in this community knows something and I feel they’re still here,” said Meek. “It’s hard not to be angry sometimes but other times my heart also goes out to them because they have to have completely tormented themselves I would think. If they’re kind of a normal person, you have to be tormented to know you did something to someone else. And so I pray for them. I pray that they know Christ because if you don’t... the alternative is not great.”

Meek said they haven’t decided if they are going to move forward with Klein Investigations.

The attorney general’s office is still investigating the case.

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