Good News with Doppler Dave: 30 minutes to make a difference

Doppler Dave talks with volunteers with the Good News Gang

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - For many kids to succeed, they need a hero, or at least an adult that believes in them.

What if I told you that a very small gesture on your part could make a life-lasting impact on a life of a child?

Well, I’ve got good news. There is a very easy way to do that.

Studies have shown that when a child simply has an adult in their life who invest a little time, that child’s chance for success in life skyrockets.

“When a child has one adult who is very positive in their life, it can change their life,” said Candice Griffin, a counselor at Rolling Hills Elementary

The problem is that many kids don’t have that adult.

Meet the Good News Gang, a group from NewsChannel10 that volunteers 30 minutes per week to help students read at Rolling Hills Elementary.

The group started last fall, but the influence was seen almost immediately.

Cassie Stafford, an anchor at NewsChannel10, told me the program isn’t just rewarding for the kids, but for the volunteers.

“I think these kids really look forward to this every week, and it’s so fun to come back and see how much better they are doing reading and how much they learned,” said Cassie."

According to Erin Brandstat, the principal at Rolling Hills, the impact goes beyond having something to look forward to.

“Tutoring is very helpful especially for kids that are missing skills and needing that extra little bit of help," she said. "By coming and helping read with our kids, you guys have made an awesome impact.”

Our Sports Director Ralph Cooper told me that once he started volunteering, the difference he noticed was huge.

“I know when we first started, one of our kids didn’t have a lot of confidence with reading out loud, because a lot of people are around,” said Ralph. “Now he can just flow through those words.”

The good effects of mentoring can be seen throughout the child’s entire outlook on their surroundings.

“They learn social skills, and they learn how to deal with their emotions from adults. The more influences that they have, the better off they would be," said Arlette J. Back, a child therapist with Amarillo Counseling Associates.

Reporter Nicolette Perrone says the decision to make a difference begins with a single person.

“You don’t have to change everybody to change the world. You can do one thing and it will definitely make an impact," said Nicolette. "By just making an impact on that one person, you’re changing their life. You never know eventually how many lives they could change.”

If you would like to get involved, just visit a school, offer to volunteer or get in touch with us. We’ll help you make that happen.

That sounds like some good news to me.

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