Caprock Lady Longhorns makes having fun a top priority

Caprock Lady Longhorns makes having fun a top priority

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Caprock Lady Longhorns have their own way of getting over hump day.

“We call it our Wednesday competitions so what we decided to do is we went and bought some old WWE belts and we wanted the girls to start competing against each other," said head coach David Smiley. "It’s really hard to get kids to compete these days and so it was something we really wanted to try and kick up that competition and its been a lot of fun to be around and see the girls compete. It’s gotten really competitive.”

Before they compete, the Lady Longhorns hit the weight room.

“We knew this season was going to be a grind with the district that we were in. We knew Wednesday’s needed to be something a little different where we could focus on getting back to the basics and have a little fun while we’re doing it.”, said Coach Smiley.

Making competition fun comes into play in big games like the Longhorns one point win on the road over Randall.

“We have lots of fun, especially when we’re in games and we try to have the most fun just like last night when we played against Randall, " said senior guard Emily Nelson. "That’s what it was just fun and us playing as hard as we could.”

First, it’s the one on one battle.

“It’s been a good competition between all of the girls competing trying to beat each other. It teaches us how to finish against each other and hard competition.”, said senior Sydney Johnson.

Then, it’s the three point shootout.

“There hasn’t been a time where we’ve had a repeat winner. I think we had one where someone had both belts but it’s funny how a kid gets to see one week they on and the next week they’re off," said Coach Smiley. "That’s crucial when you want to have a good team, when one person’s off someone else has to step up.”

The two winners are presented their belts by Mansi, one of the most enthused presenters in the Panhandle and the one of the player’s little sister.

The Lady Horns will be back in action this Friday in a must win game against Lubbock high.

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