AISD board accepts resignation of Coach Clements

AISD board accepts resignation of Coach Clements

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - We have just learned the Amarillo ISD Board has accepted the resignation of the Amarillo High volleyball coach who claims political pressure and lack of support as the reasons for her quitting.

This follows a nearly hour long public comment period where a dozen community members stood up to voice their support for Coach Kori Clements.

This is the first board meeting since Amarillo High volleyball Coach Kori Clements surprisingly resigned from her role, effective at the end of her contract.

In a statement, she said she wasn’t being supported by athletics, campus or district administration when making playing time decisions.

At the first board meeting since her resignation, over a dozen people spoke on what the majority see as an injustice to athletics in Amarillo.

“Administration should trust coaches to implement decisions, made on what they see in practice, instead of caving to parental pressure. Playing time is a discussion that should take place between a player and coach,” said JaNeen Eudy, former volleyball coach in Bushland.

Members of the volleyball team said they spoke for every player in attendance.

“She lit a fire in me to go out and work. She’s not going to give you a spot. She’s not that coach. So you have to go out there and you prove to her that you have what it takes,” said Piper Warren, a member of the AHS volleyball team.

“Please do not let the desire of one over rule the desire of many. I plead you all not to accept her resignation. If our voices don’t matter, then who are we really doing this for?” said Chelsie Freeman, an AHS volleyball team member.

In Coach Clement's statement, she states she won't compromise the integrity of her decisions based on political pressure.

“Why did the AHS administration tell Kori she needed to recognize the political aspect of her job, as well as their own?,” said Kelly Archer, an Amarillo resident. “Last I knew, coaching volleyball was not a political job.”

“You now have set precedent that influential parents or school board members can run teams, not coaches,” said Don Tipps, an Amarillo community member. “This is something that must be rectified or quality high school sports in our district, will come to an end.”

According to AISD, Coach Clements has been placed on paid leave.

The district said said while there are different viewpoints, they will not comment for confidentially reasons.

That’s something two people who spoke on Tuesday want the community to remember.

“People need to understand that there’s confidentiality agreements as a board, that you can’t discuss that with anyone and I just feel horrible for this family that has been crucified with only hearing one side of the story,” said one Amarillo resident.

“Something that does bother me about the family that was literally social media destroyed, it was on hearsay. I would like to know the truth, and so far, all I hear is a bunch of hearsay,” said Donnie Blucher, an Amarillo resident.

The board says while they listen to public comment, their guidelines do not allow them to respond

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