Good News with Dave: Enjoy some food and fun at Amarillo’s food trucks

Good News with Dave: Enjoy some food and fun at Amarillo’s food trucks

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Until recently, Amarillo was home to just a handful of food trucks. As we see in this week’s edition of ‘Good News with Doppler Dave’, recent developments have spurred an increase in dining options for area customers as more and more trucks are entering the food scene.

Finding a food truck for a quick meal is gaining popularity in Amarillo for various reasons.

“It’s quick, fast and tasty--I really enjoy it,” according to Andre Barnes, a food truck customer.

Mercedes Ochoa and Reed Dickinson, enjoying a food truck lunch, said, “Good food and we didn’t have to go inside to eat it, and the different kinds of food, too.”

However, good tasting fast food is not the only reason.

"It's just a lot of fun to go. You are outdoors and there is a fun element that can't be overlooked."

I visited with Shaun May of the city’s Environmental Health Department to find out what has changed recently that has led to the increase in food truck numbers.

“I think in the short term, we provided opportunity where opportunity did not exist before,” Shaun explained. “And so, what we said is that we can have stand alone food trucks, provided they meet all the health codes. They have to have a servicing center and that they don’t take them home. Previously, the decision of the department was that no, you had to be tied to what they called a central preparation facility.”

Food truck vendor Shannon Garcia of D Buck’s Barbecue shared, “We kind of wanted to do it for awhile. I think some of the city’s ordinances have eased up a little bit for food trucks and mobile vendors over the last year, so it made it easier for us.”

Unique and novel food options just seem to add to a city's vibe and atmosphere.

“I think, honestly, if Amarillo got more of like an Austin vibe with the food trucks, I think it would make a difference,” Reed Dickinson added.

Shaun May of the City of Amarillo offered, “I think the cool thing about food trucks is it reflects the communities interest in food and the variety of food.”

For years, you have seen me out at the food area of the Tri-State Fair. With a food truck like this, it is like the fair comes to you. The outlook for a growing number of trucks is positive and we can expect to see even more in the future.

May continued, “I hear we have added some really cool pizza trucks recently. I hear there is a Cajun truck in the works. We just have a number of different new trucks and they have a different look now and a different feel.”

I will be looking for a little more truck food myself. I was lucky enough to find D Bucks today, but what about tomorrow?

Shannon of D Bucks told me, “We are going to be at the Long Wooden Spoon Brewery in Western Business Park.”

Food trucks are a great way to maybe break up a monotonous routine, do something different, enjoy some good food and have some fun. It’s all good news.

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