Good News with Dave: Dwelling on good news has a positive effect

Good News with Dave: Dwelling on good news has a positive effect

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Because of a growing number of media platforms these days, we are virtually bombarded with information and a stream of news that runs 24/7.

Focusing on positive news and events can actually enhance one’s health as we learn in this week’s “Good News With Doppler Dave”.

It should be pretty obvious that we are in the news. But exactly what is news?

News is defined as: Newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events. While that is often bad, I remind folks that, just as often, news can be good.

I visited with some new friends today and, as you might expect, found some frustration concerning the amount of negative news events lately.

“Everybody is tired of the bad,” Harold Lewis states. “That’s for sure. No one wants to hear all the garbage we’ve been hearing.”

I found, however, that most folks were pretty quick to come up with some good news stories of their own.

Laurel Ayers commented, “I would just like to say that I am very glad to live in a country where we can worship as we want to and there is no persecution.”

“The economy is good,” Digger Elam added. “I saw the report on TV from the Wares that things are going good in Amarillo. The economy is strong, the work force is strong--gotta be happy about that, that’s good news.”

Charlie Gaither told us, “Living in Amarillo, we have a good education system here. The city seems to be running pretty smooth.”

I even heard of a parent-child relationship that had been broken for some nine years that was restored just yesterday.

“My friend came by yesterday coming off the holidays. She found her son here in town who she hadn’t seen in nine years and did not know where he was at. He told her he had forgiven her for everything.”

Normally, that might not make the newscast--but it is today!

It is actually clinically proven that focusing on positive happenings in life has a beneficial health effect on people.

Arlette J. Black, LPC of Amarillo Counseling Associates explains, “We are like a sponge. Our souls are very vulnerable to external influences of course. When we take that sponge and, for example, if you are doing cleaning and you put dirty water in that sponge, when you squeeze it, that’s what is going to come out. It is hard to see the bright side when everything in our society often focuses on the negative. It is very important that we put some positive influences in our life everyday, things that we watch, things that we do.”

Good news just seems to be contagious as people I did not expect would approach me, telling me good news stories in their lives.

Lola, an employee at United Supermarket, expressed, “I like my job. I love my job. I have been here for nearly 15 years.”

It’s just not hard to find good news. When people dwell on good news, it has a positive effect on them, which is even more good news.

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