85-year-old man ‘mauled’ by two dogs, saved by neighbor

An 85-year-old man is alive after a neighbor heard his cries for help and saved him from a dog...
An 85-year-old man is alive after a neighbor heard his cries for help and saved him from a dog attack. (Source: KFDA)(KFDA)
Updated: Jan. 8, 2019 at 9:13 PM CST
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A man is recovering from serious injuries after being mauled by two dogs on his driveway on Monday.

Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare responded to a 911 call about an 85 year-old-man being attacked by two dogs on Evelyn Street in Amarillo on January 7.

“911 was notified that a citizen was being attacked. Police, fire, and AMS, as well as us responded,” said Richard Havens, Director of Amarillo Animal Management and Welfare. “So we’re able to get out there, secure the dogs, and then start our investigation while they patched him up to be able to get him to the hospital for surgery.”

The department said this wasn’t just a dog attack--the man was mauled by a shepard mix and a pitbull mix.

A neighbor heard the victims’s cries for help and rushed to save him, using a rubber stick to ward off the dogs.

“His legs were attacked, his face was attacked, his arms were attacked,” said Havens. “Not only did he have defensive wounds on him but with the dogs going for the face, it was definitely headed towards a fatality had it not been for the tremendous nature of this citizen willing to put their life and limb at risk to save another.”

The animal shelter said it’s aware of who the owners are and are reviewing the case for a dangerous declaration.

“If the declaration is made, then the owners will be notified of the process to either come into compliance to get the animals out or they’ll have the options to surrender the animals,” said Havens. “At that point the animals will be euthanized.”

With an incident as dangerous as this, the shelter is reminding people to keep their animals contained.

“Animals running loose is not a joke. It is nothing to be taken lightly,” said Havens. “That’s why departments like us have to exist, because we do have citizens who are irresponsible and Good Samaritans do get hurt. Thank goodness we had an awesome citizen and a hero at the end of the day who was willing to intervene and save this man’s life.”

If criminal charges are filed, it would be up to the district attorney.

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