NewsChannel 10′s Doppler Dave, Shelden Breshears recognized for meteorology success

NewsChannel 10′s Doppler Dave, Shelden Breshears recognized for meteorology success
Weekend Outlook With Doppler Dave

CANYON, TX (KFDA) - KFDA′s Chief Meteorologist ‘Doppler Dave’ Oliver is taking his weather knowledge from the newsroom to the classroom.

Back by popular demand, Doppler Dave will be at West Texas A&M University this spring to teach a general meteorology course.

Doppler Dave spoke with WTAMU saying, “I’ve had a number of people tell me ‘This is my favorite course at the whole university’ and I think it’s because everything they learn they’re going to go out and live and see. It’s fascinating the things you never knew about weather.”

Since the late 1970′s, Doppler Dave has been a storm chaser. His TV debut began in 1983 as a meteorologist in Corpus Christi and by 1986, Doppler Dave became KFDA’s Chief Meteorologist.

Going on it’s fifth year at WTAMU, Doppler Dave’s meteorology course will cover everything from severe weather to debunking weather misconceptions.

“It’s not easy. We don’t look at cloud pictures during the whole class. It’s detailed, deep and hard, but it’s rewarding,” said Doppler Dave.

The course is also a great opportunity for students aspiring to become meteorologists themselves.

Shelden Breshears took Doppler Dave’s meteorology class in the Spring 2016 semester, saying it was his favorite class he took during his time at WT.

By June of 2016, with the help of Doppler Dave, Breshears began applying his knowledge of meteorology to the KFDA weather team as an intern.

“Now that I work in the meteorology field with Dave, who’s a great teacher by the way, it’s cool to see what I learned in that class be applied to my career,” said Breshears.

Breshears said it’s interesting to learn the ins-and-outs of what our weather does, weather fanatic or not.

Although he doesn’t have a set schedule on air yet, Breshears fills in from time to time during KFDA’s 4:00 p.m. Quickcast.

“The crazy weather here makes it a great place to learn,” said Doppler Dave. “We live in an amazing part of the country to be able to learn everything in a textbook and have it applied in real life.”

Doppler Dave’s course takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:05 a.m., beginning on January 14.

Although registration is still open, the course is upper division; students will have to qualify.

You can call Dr. Naruki Hiranuma at 806-651-3872 for more information about meteorology at WTAMU.

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