Amarillo Walmart asks community to help fill four non-profit’s cupboards

Amarillo Walmart asks community to help fill four non-profit’s cupboards
Fundraiser asks community to help fill four non-profit’s cupboards (Source: kfda)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The Georgia Street Walmart is hosting a fundraiser that aims to help four non-profit organizations in Amarillo.

Amarillo Walmart asks community to help fill four non-profit’s cupboards

The fundraiser helps fill the cupboards of Martha’s Home, Family Support Services Veteran’s Resource Center, Buckner, and the Amarillo Area Youth Center, which all need the community’s support 365 days a year.

The Family Support Services' Veterans Resource Program said donations could help put a smile on many veteran’s faces.

“Each person who comes to Family Support Services, the Veteran Resource Center or stays at our safe house, they’re somebody’s somebody,” said Family Support Services Veteran Resource Program Coordinator Shyla Dubois. “Everybody’s somebody needs to be fed, loved and cared for. Most of these people don’t have anybody else to care for them, except for us.”

Dubois said one of the ways Family Support Services show they care for homeless veterans is by giving them food.

“A lot of our homeless veterans many times will eat one night at one of the emergency shelters and then don’t eat again,” said Dubois. “Basically, they’re on a 24-hour fast, so having these snacks and having our pantry filled at our Veterans Resource Center allows them to eat and to have their bellies full.”

Another organization said the community’s donations are more than just a handout.

“We always say at Martha’s Home it’s a hand up, not a handout,” said Martha’s Home Shelter Manager Teresa Gallagher. “It helps them believe that we’re not doing it for you [residents], by any means, you do this on your own but we can help you.”

Gallagher said the community’s help lets her focus more on what else she can do to help the families at Martha’s Home.

“Amarillo is probably the most giving city I’ve ever lived in,” said Gallagher. “The less I have to worry about, the more I can do other things to help the other residents.”

Although the holiday giving season is over, these four organizations said everything the community does for them is appreciated.

“People do want to help,” said Dubois. “Sometimes, they just don’t know how and this just gives them visibility to these four agencies that are doing tremendous work in our community.”

The organizations have filled brown paper bags with food and hygiene items, available for purchase at the Georgia Street Walmart.

You can purchase a donation bag from the table near the pharmacy side entrance and drop it in the donation bin near the registers.

This fundraiser is only located at the Georgia Street Walmart.

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