Randall High School teachers learn from area first responders

Randall High School teachers learn from area first responders
AMS donated 20 Stop The Bleed Kits to Randall High School. (SOURCE: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo Medical Services is training area teachers to respond more effectively in critical situations using ‘Stop the Bleed’ kits.

Randall High School teachers learn how to ‘Stop the Bleed’ in case of a school shooting

Nationally, 2018 was known for the highest school shooting incidents on record, according to the School Shooting Database Project at the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

According to CHDS, in order for an incident to be included in the research project, “a gun is brandished, is fired, or a bullet hits school property for any reason, regardless of the number of victims, time, day, and week, or reason.”

To help equip teachers save lives in the face of a school shooting, Amarillo Medical Services are conducting Stop The Bleed training.

The Stop the Bleed Campaign began after the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut, to turn bystanders into rescuers.

Stop the Bleed is a call-to-action and national awareness campaign to train and empower those who are helping in a bleeding emergency.

Now, the campaign has made its way to Amarillo and Canyon school districts.

“We have been working to teach this to all the teachers in AISD and the CISD school districts,” said Operations Supervisor of the Amarillo Medical Services Jeremiah Slatten.

Today at Randall High School, Amarillo Medical Service, Amarillo Fire Department and Amarillo Police Department trained teachers on how to use the Stop The Bleed kits.

“The kits will have a tourniquet, they will also have a gauze, gloves and a handout that teaches them how to utilize them, should they have to perform these procedures,” said Slatten.

“So, a lot of these techniques are very practical, very simple. So, basically, it gives us a lot of knowledge that we could use to help someone," said Randall High School Teacher Lisa Allen. "In today’s world, this will help us help anybody with an injury.”

Although 2018 saw an alarming amount of school shootings, teachers in the Amarillo area are entering 2019 with the knowledge to respond to shootings, in hopes of saving more lives.

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