Injured dog in Amarillo receives surgery thanks to medical fund

Injured dog in Amarillo receives surgery thanks to medical fund

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - A dog with a badly injured eye is on the road to recovery thanks to donations made to the Tumbler Fund.

On December 20, the City of Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare found an injured poodle-mix in the 2800 block of Sanborn.

AAMW said the dog’s right eye was badly injured and hanging from the eye socket.

The dog was taken to a local veterinarian, who recommended surgery, including removing the dog’s injured eye.

Thanks to the Tumbler Fund and those who made donations, the dog, later named Fiona, was able to receive surgery, medical care and treatment.

The Tumbler Fund was created in 2018, named after a pit bull puppy.

In February of 2018, Tumbler was found by City of Amarillo Solid Waste Department employees in an Amarillo dumpster, crushed by trash.

Donations began pouring in for Tumbler to help him with his recovery.

“Now, all that money has been set aside in a special fund that will go towards helping any future animals that have extraordinary circumstances and need extraordinary care,” said AAMW Shelter Director Richard Havens. “We are truly grateful to the citizens of our community for stepping forward to support Tumbler.”

Tumbler was eventually adopted by a local family.

Today, the Tumbler Fund is able to provide veterinary care to animals brought into the shelter that need care beyond what AAMW resources can provide.

Fiona is now up for adoption. AAMW said those interested in adopting Fiona can visit the dog in person at 3501 South Osage in Amarillo.

Donations can be made to the Tumbler Fund through mail or can be dropped off at AAMW. The donations must be specifically designated to the Tumbler Fund.

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