4 people given awards for life-saving efforts in Amarillo

4 people given awards for life-saving efforts in Amarillo
Four people given high honor for their life-saving efforts in Amarillo (Source: kfda)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - On Thursday, the Director’s Awards recognized two Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and two civilians for their quick-thinking response to life-threatening situations that led to saving lives.

4 people given award for life-saving efforts in Amarillo

One of the recipients was DPS Trooper Travis High, who was given his award for responding to a call about a man suffering from excessive bleeding due to a fall.

“He had recent surgery and he had fallen and was bleeding out of the leg wounds,” said High. “He knelt down to pick something up and when he fell, it split open both wounds. The surgeon said if the bleeding hadn’t stopped quickly, he would have lost both legs, or his life.”

High said his quick-thinking and proper training led him to save the man’s life.

Amy Brown, one of the civilians who received a Director’s Award, was recognized for saving a woman’s life in April of last year.

Brown said she was driving with her son in Potter County to run an errand when she noticed a woman sitting on top of the I-40 overpass.

“We came around the overpass and there was a girl sitting on the edge,” said Brown. “I didn’t know what to do but something told me to park.”

She said she saw men approach the woman on the bridge and noticed they were beginning to agitate her.

“I just stopped the car, and I walked up and talked to her,” said Brown. “I [still] speak to her now and she told me that she was just about to jump right when they grabbed her. I’m so thankful that we were all there.”

Brown called 911 before leaving her car and was able to comfort the woman until Trooper Briar Cordova helped prevent the woman from attempting to end her life.

Trooper Cordova is also a Director’s Award recipient.

“They certainly took matters into their own hands in a way that actually ended up preventing tragedies and saving lives,” said Texas State Representative Four Price. “It’s important for them to know we appreciate them and it’s important for our community to know what good work they’re doing.”

The second civilian who received the Director’s Award was honored in Austin, Texas prior to today’s ceremony in Amarillo.

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