Secret Santa donates $1,200 for 12 Amarillo Activity Youth Center children

Donation will allow kids to shop for their own Christmas gifts

Secret Santa donates $1,200 for 12 Amarillo Activity Youth Center children
Man gives anonymous $1,200 donation for 12 kids at Amarillo Activity Youth Center (Source: kfda)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - On Monday, the Georgia Street Walmart began its Giving Tree program for the Amarillo Activity Youth Center to provide Christmas gifts for 15 kids.

Secret Santa donates $1,200 for 12 Amarillo Youth Center children

By Tuesday, there were 12 names left on the tree, and a man made a donation that no one from the Youth Center expected to receive. The man took all of the names left on the tree and proceeded to donate $1,200 towards their Christmas presents.

“Then he went up to the customer service desk and he said he didn’t have any kids ever, so I think he’s just doing that out of the kindness of his heart for not having kids himself," Walmart Employee Ashlea McFadden. "It made my day and I hope to see more people coming in to do something similar because it makes everyone’s day. He just made 12 kids very happy.”

On the Giving Tree are wish lists made by children at the Amarillo Youth Center. Walmart shoppers can go by the tree and pickup a list to shop for.

The kids are expecting to receive gifts that were put inside of the Walmart donation box, but the 12 kids who will be given the $100 gifts cards won’t find out until the 22nd when all of the other kids receive their gifts.

“We’re hiding all the prizes,” said Executive Director of the Amarillo Activity Youth Center. “The kids don’t know who’s getting what, so those kids will determine 100 percent where that money goes and what happens. Most of our kids were gonna be excited about getting just a five or 10 dollar gift. Now they’re gonna get to plan and shop for $100 and most of them have never seen $100. That’ll be more Christmas than they probably get from everybody else put together."

The Youth Center said they have around 30 kids who still need Christmas gifts, so if you’d like to make a donation you can find the Giving Tree with every kid’s wish list at the Walmart on Georgia Street.

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