Business is ‘brewing’ downtown: Palace Coffee set to open ‘The Annex’ in FirstBank Southwest Tower

Business is ‘brewing’ downtown: Palace Coffee set to open ‘The Annex’ in FirstBank Southwest Tower
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Just blocks from their Polk Street location, the owners of Palace Coffee hope to bring something new to FirstBank Southwest Tower with The Annex, a new branch of the traditional coffee shop, now bringing different foods to a building home to all kinds of businesses.

"We started to think about a different concept instead of what we currently run,” said Patrick Burns, co-owner of Palace Coffee. “The Tower is a really interesting thing because there's so many different businesses and people that can be there and a lot of them don't have the chance to leave during the day."

Aaron Emerson, who does leasing for the Tower, agrees, noting the convenience for the Tower's tenants.

“I think the real coffee people walk over to the Palace. People like me, I don’t walk across the street to buy a drink, just because I don’t make time for it,” said Emerson. “So one of the things I think is a big plus in this building is, if you’re a coffee shop, you have a captive audience of a thousand people thereabouts.”

Business is 'brewing' downtown: Palace Coffee set to open 'The Annex' in FirstBank Southwest Tower

The Annex, set to open in January, will have an open concept on the Tower's first floor near the Tyler Street entrance.

"These retail windows will come out and it will be an open concept where, I've seen it in different hotels, where you travel and you'll see a Starbucks or something like that in a hotel, it will be a feel kind of like that, but it's Palace Coffee."

The downtown addition of the Annex isn't the only new coffee venture in the Amarillo area.

Five Senses Coffee House, opening near Western and Hillside in early 2019, will bring locally roasted coffee to south Amarillo.

Burns has helped with the opening of the shop, lending his experiences in working with coffee to the new owners.

“We just feel like there’s a lot of great people that want to open coffee shops,” said Burns. “We don’t have to be the ones to do it all but we have seven and a half years of experience and so if they want to lean on us a little bit, we can advise them and help them.”

Those years of experience are now bringing multiple new business opportunities across Amarillo.

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