Kash Cain’s journey to Motocross Stardom

Kash Cain's Journey to Motocross Stardom

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - At 7 years old Kash Cain has already found his life’s passion in Motocross and he knew it from the start. “Once I jumped on one, I just fell in love with it.”, said Kash.

“He was about 19 months old and I gave him a PW-50 as his first bike.”, said Kash’s father, Justin Cain. “Then we moved up to the KTM when he was four years old and they told us to go Cobra and we haven’t looked back since.”

Kash recently won a national title in Florida to add to his already impressive resume but at one point he didn’t know if he’d ever be able to ride again.

“I cased this double and then went over the bars and fractured my T5 & T8. We were in the doctor for four days and I was just laying down.”, said Kash.

But despite an almost career ending injury Kash was determined to ride again but his parents had mixed emotions

“It’s so exciting but hard to breathe. After the injury it was even harder.”,said Kash’s mother, Kellsey Cain. “I was definitely hesitant but he eats, breathes, and sleeps it since he was able to ride at two years old and hasn’t stopped since.”

He’s no stranger to hard work and already understands that being the best is earned not given.

“It’s countless bike hours, hours in the shop, hours with him in the gym, riding his road bike, and training at home on his private track. It’s constant driving, maintenance and him working.”, said Justin Cain.

Kash was just announced to the Motoplayground’s dirty 100 as one of the top 100 amateur racers in the country. Make sure to follow Kash’s journey to Motocross stardom on his Instagram and continue to support Amarillo’s national champion.

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