Lubbock man shares letters exchanged with George H. W. Bush

Lubbock man shares letters exchanged with George H. W. Bush
Bill Pasewark reading his letter from President George H.W. Bush (Source: kcbd)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - George H. W. Bush will be laid to rest Thursday in College Station. The former President spent a lifetime corresponding by letter with friends, relatives and fans.

A Lubbock man was one of those that was lucky enough to hear from the former world leader, and says his letter still touches him to this day. “Good morning President Bush. You and I have enjoyed similar events in our lives,” Bill Pasewark started his letter to former President George H.W. Bush.

He continued in a one page typed letter highlighting their many similarities among them both. “Number one: Barbara was the name of my mother and sister. Of course President Bush’s wife was Barbara," he said. He went on to list four other similarities.

Number two is that both are world war two veterans, number three was they were born just two moths a part, four was that both men have six kids, and number five was that enjoyed sharing friendly messages to others. Pasewark even forwarded those letters he got from the second graders at All Saints Episcopal School on to President Bush to show kids were also writing friendly letters, too.

Bill Pasewark's letter to President Bush.
Bill Pasewark's letter to President Bush. (Source: kcbd)

Bill mailed that letter to the former president in 2015. Two months later, he was surprised to get a letter back from President George H.W. Bush.

“Dear William, I thoroughly enjoyed your letter and apologize for the delay in acknowledging it. It was fun reading about the events that we share in our lives and the letters from those kids are priceless," Pasewark said as he read aloud from President Bush’s letter.

President Bush's letter to Bill Pasewark.
President Bush's letter to Bill Pasewark. (Source: kcbd)

Pasewark said reading that letter for the first time had him elated. “My heart felt warm.” Pasewark says the president’s letter touched him in so many ways that he has since written more than 100 letters to make others feel good, too.

“President Bush was just a genuine person who did so many things for his country," said Pasewark.

While many are honoring the work this former president, Pasewark will continue to hold on to the words he received directly from President Bush forever.

“The letters from President Bush are a lifetime of genuine sincerity,” he said.

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