Good News with Dave: Some people have all the luck

Good News with Doppler Dave: Some people have all the luck

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Some people just seem to have good luck on occasion. In this week’s “Good News With Doppler Dave” we hear the story of one lucky person who decided to use her good fortune to honor someone else.

John Grisham’s latest novel, called Reckoning, has just recently been released and it is already a popular book. Some people in our area have a copy but I know somebody who got the book first.

Long time resident La Rita Mason loves Amarillo, except for our winters. She is proud of our neighborhood watch program and a book lover. She’s also one of a very select few to receive an advance copy of the latest Grisham novel before it was made public.

“The Little Free Library organization offered the chance for any of the library stowers to enter a drawing for 100 copies of the advance promotion for Grisham’s book,” said La Rita.

This wasn’t a nationwide drawing either--it was worldwide.

While it’s exciting that one of the advance copies landed right here in Amarillo, it’s where the book is going next that makes this story even more special.

La Rita is also a local stower of what is known as the Little Free Library.

“Well, the way it works, in theory, is supposed to be bring a book and take a book. Now, we are not rigid about it. Anybody can bring as many books as they want and we are very fortunate to be sponsored by West Texas A&M University’s chapter of Gamma Beta Phi. So it is free, always. You can come and get as many books as you want and bring back as many books as you want,” said La Rita.

La Rita is using her good fortune to honor and pay tribute to Todd Bol, the founder of the Little Free Library non-profit organization.

“Todd H. Bol is the gentleman who started this and he just passed away with pancreatic cancer at the age of 62. In 2010, he established the non-profit organization the Little Free Library and his goal was to have 2,610 Little Free Libraries across the country.”

La Rita said there are now over 75,000 Little Free Libraries in every state in the United States, as well as in 88 countries.

“I was just so excited to win this for our Little Free Library and also, particularly at this time, to be in honor of the founder, Todd Bol,” she said.

If you are lucky, Reckoning will still be available here at the Free Little Library on Ong Street when you come by. It was real good fortune that La Rita was selected out of the whole world to get an advance copy and good fortune that she wants to honor her friend and founder of the Little Free Library right here in Amarillo. It’s just good news.

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