Grab your quarters: Lit Arcade Bar coming to downtown Amarillo at former site of Crush Wine Bar

Grab your quarters: Lit Arcade Bar coming to downtown Amarillo at former site of Crush Wine Bar
Local business owners are bringing an arcade bar to downtown Amarillo at the former site of Crush Wine Bar. (Source: KFDA)

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Grab your quarters and practice your hand at Pac-Man -- a new kind of bar is coming to downtown Amarillo.

"This is going to be an arcade-bar, right, and so it’s going to be comprised of not only a bar but we’re going to have an arcade, pinball machines, shuffleboard and pool tables,” said Lit Arcade Bar co-owner Marco Camp.

A venture between the owners of downtown businesses Crush Wine Bar and Triple Crown Pedi Cab, Camp says the concept appeals to multiple generations.

"I got dropped off at arcades as a child and spent hours at arcades playing video games, but I think at the same time, it appeals to the younger crowd,” said Camp.

So far, he says feedback has been great and they hope to bring back the much-loved arcades of past decades.

“Just talking to a couple people already that there’s certain games, people are like, 'Oh, you better have Donkey Kong or Pac-Man or Mortal Kombat or NBA Jams or something like that, so people are already kind of rolling with the idea of this and already enjoying that because, as you know, arcades are gone,” said Camp. “They don’t exist anymore.”

As for when you can check out the newest downtown business, look to the New Year.

"Optimistically, we’d like to have it open by the first of the year but I think that’s going to depend on, of course, all the work we’re having to do,” said Camp. “We’re having to completely redo all of the heating and air so that’s going to be a big one.”

The owners look forward to bringing something new to Amarillo.

"People in Amarillo always love something new and I think it's something that can not only intrigue people because it's new but it can stay around,” said Camp. "I know Canyon's done one and it's doing really well so it's great that we're able to do that and be the first ones to do it in Amarillo."

If you plan to check out the newest business downtown, there’s still time to save up that spare change before hitting the arcade.

This story has been edited to more accurately reflect the brand of the business.

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