Downtown Amarillo residents to see new retail shopping experience

Downtown Amarillo residents to see new retail shopping experience
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Retail shopping is coming to Amarillo and is said to be a shopping experience that has never been seen before.

Downtown Amarillo residents to see new retail shopping experience

The eight different pop-up shops will be located on the first floor of the historic Levine’s Department Store building, which was renovated earlier this year.

“We’re willing to try it this way to where we come in and we put small retail shops and let people come in and try this market,” said Joe Bob McCartt, President of McCartt and Associates. “[We want to] make sure they’re comfortable with it without having them to make huge long-term investments.”

All the pop-up shops will be within feet of each other and are a temporary second space for these local businesses to be closer to downtown residents and employees.

“We’re just trying to create the services to attract more people to live downtown,” said McCartt. “Currently we have very little retail shopping experience, so basically they need to come together and we need to be shopping locally.”

The owner of The Firestone Apartments, Sally Jennings, says she’s excited for her residents and future Airbnb guests to be able to walk around the corner and enjoy these new downtown shopping options.

Jennings said, “It’s all organic. You’ve got to have the living and the shopping going at the same time and we just think that this is a absolute brilliant idea and a good place to really start enhancing the shopping options for downtown."

Jennings also highlighted the importance of shopping locally and how The Shops at 800 will make it easy for all downtown residents and employees to shop for the holiday season.

“So, our guests, as they come in, are just gonna have a lot more shopping options and it’s just great for the whole community and our other residents too, not only here but across the street, at the Lofts on 10th,” said Jennings. “More and more options is just great for everybody. It’s a win-win for the whole community.”

The pop-up shops are another part of the revitalization of downtown and will be opening after the first of December.

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