Fritch to begin phase one of water system construction

Improving issues with water quality and water pressure affecting residents

Fritch to begin phase one of water system construction

FRITCH, TX (KFDA) - The City of Fritch will soon begin construction on phase one of a multi-million dollar project to revamp the city’s water system.

Right now, only three of the five water wells on the outskirts of town are fully operating.

“Some of them have been through neglect and just aged, have been out of commission for a little bit and we’re getting them back in action to better serve not only the citizens of Fritch but also those in outlying areas,” said City Mayor Dwight Kirksey.

For several years, the city’s dealt with problems concerning water pressure due to few working water wells and aged piping.

Kirksey said the project will solve problems that occur in the case of a water line break or if more residents are added to the water system.

“There are some pressure issues, some water pressure issues,” he said. “There’s also some availability issues, the more people we add to the lines, the less pressure would come. And now by getting these wells back up and running, and not only back up and running, but running at full capacity with the modern technology that’s available to us now, it helps us and prepares us for growth for residents and for commercial for this area.”

That modern technology includes a way for maintenance crews to keep tabs on water pressure without having to go out to the well field.

“We’ll have everything on a SCADA system so that we can monitor it at city hall on our computers and then on our smart phones," said Public Works Director Roger Pense.

Phase two includes getting the water tower functioning to help contain the water from the fully operating water wells.

The final two phases involve improving the old piping system from the well field to the city.

“That’ll also be done within the next couple of months as well and that will help with the gravity pull which will also increase the pressure and will help with, as more people get added to the city system, that you won’t see an impact within the citizens no matter how many people we add to the system,” said Kirksey.

The city wants residents to know their money is being put to good use.

“All the years that they’ve heard the city council talking about these upgrades, that is actually coming through to completion now,” said CIty Manager Drew Brassfield. “We are going to have construction crew out at the well fields starting a week from today. We actually are proceeding with making these upgrades and these improvements.”

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