$3,000 of medicine stolen off front porch returned to family

$3,000 of medicine stolen off front porch returned to family
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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - It has been a little over a month since KCBD first brought you the story of a pair of porch thieves who stole $3,000 worth of medicine right off a family’s front porch. Medicine that is critical to 8-year-old Henry Nicholson’s health.

Henry suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. With the time that has passed, the family had given up on ever getting that medicine back, but today they got what they call an ‘early Christmas gift’ delivered right to their front door by Lubbock Police Department detectives.

“We got our medicine back," said 8-year-old Henry.

That’s the short and happy ending to a long and frustrating story for this family. The Nicholson family says these thieves walked up to their front door and stole little Henry’s medicine a month ago.

“We just kind of assumed it was either thrown away and useless or I don’t know, I just never thought we would get it back and have it in our hands one day,” said Charla Nicholson.

Police have identified the two suspected thieves in the surveillance video and have them both in custody. This family says they were told that the woman in the video just had the medicine sitting in her garage, untouched, for the past month.

“To just leave it sitting there knowing what it meant and to not care. A child was sick and was depending on that so it just says a lot about who they are,” said Charla.

Now with the medicine back in their possession, they will be able to send it back and get credit on their account.

“Henry is getting next month’s refill this month so we have been working a month ahead so every month its kind of an emergency refill for the insurance. Ideally this will reset us and get us back on schedule,” said Jeremy Nicholson.

This putting an end to this real life nightmare.

"Its just amazing something that we thought something was completely gone and we didn’t know if she would be captured or stopped. To just have all of that wrapped up at once, its just so amazing,” said Charla.

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