River Road High School is providing holiday cheer for students in need

River Road High School is providing holiday cheer for students in need

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - River Road High School held a Thanksgiving lunch today for all of their students and special guests to celebrate the holidays as a community.

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“We have parents, any family members that want to come, first responders are coming too and we invited the sheriff’s department and APD,” said Kim Terry, Food Service Director at River Road High School.

However, hosting a Thanksgiving lunch isn’t the only program that they provide this holiday.

“63 percent of our student’s, district wide, are economically disadvantaged,” said Terry.

This means that a lot of students could be food insecure during the holidays.

River Road High School provides Thanksgiving gift baskets to students and their families who are living in poverty.

The school is also combating food insecurity during the school year by offering Snack Packs to feed students when they are not in school.

“Snack Packs are pre-packed bags that are packed at the warehouse and then the students receive those weekly," said Kim Franks, R.N. Student Services Coordinator at River Road ISD. "Usually on a Friday, they take them home with them to sustain their food needs over the weekend. And the high school, those students can pick, They have a menu that they can pick items from and again, they receive those items and take them home over the weekend.”

During long breaks, students in need receive double bags to take home to sustain their food needs.

In order to pay for the Snack Packs, many teachers deduct a portion of their pay to go to the Snack Pack funds.

“Employees here payroll deduct every month and we payroll deduct approximately $1,000 every month to give to Snack Pack to sustain our program,” said Franks.

If you would like to donate to Snack Pack for Kids, and specifically to River Road High School, click here.

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