Good News with Dave: Some of Amarillo’s road construction ends just in time for the holidays

Good News with Dave: some of Amarillo’s road construction ends just in time for the holidays

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Lately, our road construction projects have caused a great deal of inconvenience and frustration for those trying to get around town in almost any direction.

However, in one location, the story is finally getting better.

Well, we all know that getting around Amarillo and driving the streets recently has been a bit of an experience and kind of a frustrating experience a lot of the time.

I came up on I-40 and Soncy today, and I am here to announce’s over!

After a long, long time, the construction project at I-40 and Soncy is coming to an end. Am I right?

I talked with Sonja Gross of the Texas Department of Transportation about the completion of the project.

“It probably feels longer than it has actually been, we started this in January of 2016, so not even two years. I know it probably feels longer than that because we did several other things at this intersection in years prior, so it’s been one project after another.”

Today and tomorrow traffic on the overpass will be reduced to one lane for final paving but after that, the only activity left will be minor details.

“Very little left is remaining on this”, according to Sonja. “You know, clean up items perhaps. If there is some dirt that needs some seed on it when it comes time to plant we will get to that. I believe most of the signage is taken care of for now. There might be some minor striping issues left, but nothing major. It’s all cosmetic now.”

Although it has been a long time in the making, drivers will quickly begin enjoying the benefits of the project.

"What we've got is improved turn lanes, we have dedicated turn lanes, we've got wider lanes, we have improved signals, we've got an improved turn around area", Sonja explains.

In the near future, even the equipment and material staging area that has been such an eyesore on Soncy will be cleaned up as well.

After a couple of years now of delays and snarled traffic and obstacles and having trouble figuring out where the lanes are, within days now, the last of the cones and the last of the barrels will be picked up.

Traffic will be moving just fine and this is great timing. I mean, just in time for Thanksgiving travel, just in time for black Friday, and just in time for all the holiday shopping traffic everything is going to be running smoothly and back to normal. Now that’s some good news!

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