City of Amarillo to improve flow of traffic throughout city

Will upgrade traffic light system starting with downtown

City of Amarillo to improve flow of traffic throughout city
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AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - The outdated traffic light management system in Amarillo will be updated from the old system, which was installed back in 2003.

City of Amarillo to improve flow of traffic throughout city

“It’s gonna be able to allow us to live monitor what’s going on and that’s gonna be a big deal to us,” said Donny Hooper, Assistant Director of Public Works for The City of Amarillo. “We’re gonna be able to monitor the flow of traffic so much better and we’ll be able to monitor different situations that are going on throughout the city at different times of the day.”

There are three phases of the upgrade project and phase one will begin with upgrading 88 traffic light controllers in the Central Business District downtown.

“The first phase is around $318,000 and the full project will be about $1.8 million,” said Laura Storrs, Finance Director for The City of Amarillo. “It’s coming from the bonds approved from the November of 2016 voter election.”

The new system will not only help with the flow of traffic but public safety as well.

“They’ll be able to be used by law enforcement or whomever we have in our control center should we have a big event going on. They would actually be able to monitor crowds and different things, so there’s some security issues we’ll be able to take care of with the new system as well that we currently can’t take care of," said Hooper. “We’ll know how many cars, trucks, pedestrians and bicycles are moving through those intersections at any given time. This will give us the opportunity to do somethings that we can’t do now with the goal in mind to make the experience when you’re driving through the streets of Amarillo more enjoyable and easier to get around.”

230 traffic controllers throughout the city will be upgraded by the end of the three year project.

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