City of Canyon to install 15-minute parking signs in downtown square

City of Canyon to install 15-minute parking signs in downtown square
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CANYON, TX (KFDA) - The City of Canyon will be strategically placing seven 15-minute parking signs on the downtown square in the beginning of December.

City of Canyon to install 15-minute parking signs in downtown square

Businesses in the square, like Modern Cleaners and The Cake Company, are two of many places people visit for only a short period of time.

The new 15-minute parking signs will provide customers closer parking to these businesses, so they can easily carry their items to their vehicle.

“It kind of was brought to my attention,” said Mandy Williams, owner of The Cake Company. “We had an elderly woman that came in the store one day and she just wanted to get a couple of cookies and she had to park all the way down on the other side of the square. So I contacted the city to talk to them to just see what our options were.”

The City of Canyon then observed customers coming in and out of businesses to see which places were visited for short periods of time.

The city said, upon observation, they found the best strategy for placing these parking signs would be to have two on the west and south sides of the square and three on the east side.

“They felt like they had become inaccessible because the fact that all the parking was pretty much taken all the time around the square,” said Canyon City Manager Randy Criswell. “Really they just had customers that just needed to run in for five minutes and grab something. Convenience is important for dash-in-dash-out type businesses. Nobody wants to walk a block to carry a wedding cake or to go pick up their dry cleaning, so we tried to address that.”

The city reminds residents that adequate parking will still be available for those who will be visiting the square for longer periods of time.

Williams said, “I think it’s just growing pains. Anytime that you have good economic growth you’re gonna have some growing pains with it. There are a lot of businesses here on the square that would completely benefit.”

The new parking sign posts will be decorated to match the decor of the square and the 15-minute parking only applies during regular business hours.

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